DCC '95, Data Compression Conference :

DCC '95, Data Compression Conference : proceedings : March 28-30, 1995, Snowbird, Utah / Proceedings, Data Compression Conference Data Compression Conference edited by James A. Storer, Martin Cohn ; sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Communications. - Los Alamitos, Calif. : IEEE Computer Society Press, c1995. - xv, 503 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

"IEEE Computer Society Press order number PR07010"--T.p. verso. "IEEE catalog number 95TH8037"--T.p. verso.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Hierarchical Vector Quantization of Perceptually Weighted Block Transforms / N. Chaddha, M. Vishwanath and P. A. Chou -- Quantization of Overcomplete Expansions / V. K. Goyal, M. Vetterli and N. T. Thao -- Constraining the Size of the Instantaneous Alphabet in Trellis Quantizers / M. F. Larsen and R. L. Frost -- Tree-Structured Vector Quantization with Significance Map for Wavelet Image Coding / P. C. Cosman, S. M. Perlmutter and K. O. Perlmutter -- Constrained-Storage Vector Quantization with a Universal Codebook / S. Ramakrishnan, K. Rose and A. Gersho -- Unbounded Length Contexts for PPM / J. G. Cleary, W. J. Teahan and I. H. Witten -- Context Models in the MDL Framework / E. S. Ristad and R. G. Thomas III -- The Structure of DMC / S. Bunton -- Universal Coding for Arbitrarily Varying Sources and for Hierarchies of Model Classes / M. Feder and N. Merhav -- Coding with Partially Hidden Markov Models / S. Forchhammer and J. Rissanen. Quadtree Based JBIG Compression / B. Fowler, R. Arps, A. El Gamal and D. Yang -- Lossy Compression of Clustered-Dot Halftones Using Sub-Cell Prediction / R. A. Vander Kam and R. M. Gray -- Efficient Error Free Chain Coding of Binary Documents / R. R. Estes, Jr. and V. R. Algazi -- New Algorithms for Optimal Binary Vector Quantizer Design / X. Wu and Y. Fang -- Finite State Methods for Compression and Manipulation of Images / K. Culik II and J. Kari -- A Derailment-Free Finite-State Vector Quantizer with Optimized State Codebooks / X. Ginesta and S. P. Kim -- Parallel Algorithms for the Static Dictionary Compression / H. Nagumo, M. Lu and K. Watson -- Near Optimal Compression with Respect to a Static Dictionary on a Practical Massively Parallel Architecture / D. Belinskaya, S. DeAgostino and J. A. Storer -- An Efficient Variable Length Coding Scheme for an IID Source / K.-M. Cheung and A. Kiely -- Space-Efficient Construction of Optimal Prefix Codes / A. Moffat, A. Turpin and J. Katajainen. Arithmetic Coding Revisited / A. Moffat, R. Neal and I. H. Witten -- CREW: Compression with Reversible Embedded Wavelets / A. Zandi, J. D. Allen, E. L. Schwartz and M. Boliek -- Accelerating Fractal Image Compression by Multi-Dimensional Nearest Neighbor Search / D. Saupe -- Self-Quantized Wavelet Subtrees: A Wavelet-Based Theory for Fractal Image Compression / G. Davis -- Convergence of Fractal Encoded Images / J. Kominek -- Embedded Wavelet Zerotree Coding with Direct Sum Quantization Structures / C. F. Barnes and J. P. Watkins -- Generalized Lempel-Ziv Parsing Scheme and its Preliminary Analysis of the Average Profile / G. Louchard and W. Szpankowski -- Multiple-Dictionary Compression Using Partial Matching / D. T. Hoang, P. M. Long and J. S. Vitter -- Fast Pattern Matching for Entropy Bounded Text / S. Chen and J. H. Reif -- An Improved Hierarchical Lossless Text Compression Algorithm / C.-Y. Teng and D. L. Neuhoff. The Effect of Non-Greedy Parsing in Ziv-Lempel Compression Methods / R. N. Horspool -- A Comparison of the Z, E[subscript 8], and Leech Lattices for Image Subband Quantization / Z. Gao, F. Chen, B. Belzer and J. Villasenor -- Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Hybrid DPCM/DCT and Entropy-Constrained Trellis Coded Quantization / G. P. Abousleman -- RD-OPT: An Efficient Algorithm for Optimizing DCT Quantization Tables / V. Ratnakar and M. Livny -- JPEG Optimization Using an Entropy-Constrained Quantization Framework / M. Crouse and K. Ramchandran -- Multiplication-Free Subband Coding of Color Images / A. Docef, F. Kossentini, W. C. Chung and M. J. T. Smith -- An Automatic System for Model-Based Coding of Faces / B. Moghaddam and A. Pentland -- A New Model of Perceptual Threshold Functions for Application in Image Compression Systems / K. S. Prashant, V. J. Mathews and P. J. Hahn -- A New Approach to Scalable Video Coding / W. C. Chung, F. Kossentini and M. J. T. Smith. New Relationships in Operator-Based Backward Motion Compensation / A. Nosratinia and M. T. Orchard -- Optimal Representation of Motion Fields for Video Compression / J. V. Gisladottir and M. T. Orchard -- Matching Pursuit Video Coding at Very Low Bit Rates / R. Neff and A. Zakhor.


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