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Lacustrine sandstone reservoirs and hydrocarbon systems / edited by Olive W. (Terry) Baganz, Yuval Bartov, Kevin M. Bohacs, and Dag Nummedal. - viii, 517 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), maps (chiefly color) ; 29 cm. - AAPG memoir ; 95 . - AAPG memoir ; 95. .

Includes bibliographical references.

Introduction: Lacustrine sandstone reservoirs and hydrocarbon systems / Olive W. (Terry) Baganz, Yuval Bartov, Kevin Bohacs, and Dag Nummedal -- Ch. 1. Relation of hydrocarbon reservoir potential to lake-basin type: an integrated approach to unraveling complex genetic relations among fluvial, lake-plain, lake margin, and lae center strata / Kevin M. Bohacs -- Ch. 2. Productive series play of the paleo-Volga Delta, South Caspian Basin: exploration history, sedimentation, and petroleum system / Olive W. (Terry) Baganz, Elchin Bagirov, Gerald Eric Michael, and Al Shultz -- Ch. 3. Regional controls on lacustrine sandstone reservoirs: the Pliocene of the South Caspian Basin / Nazim R. Abdullayev, Gregory W. Riley, and Andrew P. Bowman -- Ch. 4. Late Miocene and early Pliocene high-frequency lake level cycles in lacustrine hydrocarbon reservoir strata, South Caspian Basin: insights for subseismic-scale lithofacies variations / Dag Nummedal, H. Edward Clifton, and Eileen Williams -- Ch. 5. Seismic interpretation of a reservoir system near the northern boundary of the South Caspian Basin / Firuz A. Salamov -- Ch. 6. Balkhany IX and X integrated studies shallow-water Gunashli Field, Caspian Sea / Kevin Sylvester, Dave Waldren, Bakhtiyar Bagirov, and Elshad Alaskarov -- Ch. 7. Facies analysis, reservoir characterization, and LIDAR modeling of an Eocene lacustrine delta, Green River Formation, Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah / Jessica Moore, Andrew Taylor, Cari Johnson, Bradley D. Ritts, and Rosalind Archer -- Ch. 8. Reservoir simulation models of an Eocene lacustrine delta, Green River Formation, Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah / Rosalind Archer, Enis Robbana, Bradley D. Ritts, Jessica Moore, Cari Johnson, and Andrew Taylor -- Ch. 9. Stratigraphic distribution and mineralogic correlation of the Green River Formation, Green River and Washakie Basins, Wyoming, U.S.A. / Glenn M. Mason -- Ch. 10. Biostratigraphy in a Late Neogen Caspian-type lacustrine basin: Lake Pannon, Hungary / Imre Magyar and Dana H. Geary -- Ch. 11. Climatic controls on depositional setting and alluvial architecture, Doba Basin, Chad / Penny E. Patterson, Raymond L. Skelly, and Clive R. Jones -- Ch. 12. Structure and stratigraphy of the Lake Albert Rift, East Africa: observations from seismic reflection and gravity data / Tobias Karp, Christopher A. Scholz, and Michael M. McGlue -- Ch. 13. Fluviolacustrine sandstone deposition and implications for reservoir development, Daan Field, Songliao Basin, China / John S. Sneider, Andrew S. Harper, Forrest L. Dietrich, Zongtian Liu, Xiuzhi Cao, and Chunguo Wang -- Ch. 14. Sequence stratigraphy applied to continental rift basins: example from Recôncavo Basin, Brazil / Andre Picarelli and Vitor Abreu -- Ch. 15. Lacustrine environments in carboniferous-Permian Saar-Hahe Basin, Southwest Germany / Andreas Schäfer -- Ch. 16. Sedimentary processes and sequence stratigraphy of Lake Michigan, United States / Gordon S. Fraser, Todd A. Thompson, and Joseph C. Atkinson -- Ch. 17. Modeling the sensitivity to environmental controls of the Late Pleistocene lacustrine delta sequences in the Dead Sea Basin / Yuval Bartov, Mordechai Stein, Yehouda Enzel, Christopher Kendell, and Philip Moore -- Ch. 18. Actualistic studies of the spatial and temporal distribution of terrestrial and aquatic organism traces in continental environments to differentiate lacustrine from fluvial, eolian, and marine deposits in the geologic record / Stephen T. Hasiotis, Brian F. Platt, Mark Reilly, Kathryn Amos, Simon Lang, David Kennedy, Jonathan A. Todd, and Ellinor Michel -- Appendices.

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Hydrocarbon reservoirs.
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