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245 0 4 _aThe great American carbonate bank :
_bthe geology and economic resources of the Cambrian-Ordovician Sauk megasequence of Laurentia /
_cedited by James Derby, Richard Fritz, Susan Longacre, William Morgan, and Charles Sternbach.
246 1 _aGeology and economic resources of the Cambrian-Ordovician Sauk megasequence of Laurentia
300 _axxi, 504 pages :
_billustrations (chiefly color), maps (chiefly color) ;
_c29 cm. +
_e1 DVD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
490 1 _aAAPG memoir ;
500 _aFolded section numbered 47 and 48.
500 _a"The print portion of the volume consists of the first eight papers and extended abstracts of the remaining 40 papers, as well as a locator map of all the papers. The accompanying DVD-ROM contains all 48 full-length papers, and the locator map in interactive PDF format."--Page iv.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 0 _aIntroduction / Richard D. Fritz -- Paleogeography of the great American carbonate bank of Laurentia in the earliest Ordovician (early Tremadocian): the Stonehenge transgression / James R. Derby, Robert J. Raine, Anthony C. Runkel, and M. Paul Smith -- Biostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy of the Cambrian-Ordovician great American carbonate bank / John F. Taylor, John E. Repetski, James D. Loch, and Stephen A. Leslie -- Sequence stratigraphy of the great American carbonate bank / William A. Morgan -- Great lower Ordovician cavern system / F. Jerry Lucia -- A brief overview of the diversity and patterns in bioturbation preserved in the Cambrian-Ordovician carbonate and siliciclastic deposits of Laurentia / Stephen T. Hasiotis -- Petroleum resources of the great American carbonate bank / Charles A. Sternbach -- Mississippi Valley-type mineralization and ore deposits in the Cambrian-Ordovician great American carbonate bank / Jay M. Gregg and Kevin L. Shelton -- Biostratigraphy of Cambrian and lower Ordovician strata in the LLano Uplift, Central Texas / James F. Miller, James D. Loch, and John F. Taylor -- The Geology of the Arbuckle Group in the midcontinent : sequence stratigraphy, reservoir development, and the potential for hydrocarbon exploration / Richard D. Fritz, Patrick Medlock, Michael J. Kuykendall, and James L. Wilson -- Ordovician of Sauk megasequence in the Ozark region of northern Arkansas and parts of Missouri and adjacent states / Raymond L. Ethington, John E. Repetski, and James R. Derby -- Great American carbonate bank : Knox Group in the Black Warrior Basin / Richard D. Fritz, Patrick Medlock, MIchael Kuykendal, and James L. Wilson -- The middle Ordovician Knox unconformity in the Black Warrior Basin / Gary S. Dwyer and John E. Repetski -- Cambrian-lower middle Ordovician passive carbonate margin, southern Appalachians / J. Fred Read and John E. Repetski -- Sequential development of platform to off-platform facies of the great American carbonate bank in the central Appalachians / David K. Brezinski, John F. Taylor, and John E. Repetski -- High-energy shelf-margin carbonate facies : microbial sheet reefs, endolites, and intraclast grainstone-Ledger Formation (middle Cambrian), Pennsylvania / Carol B. deWet, Dave Hopkins, Michael Rahnis, Megan Murphy, and Rachel Dvoretsky -- The great American carbonate bank in eastern Laurentia : its births, deaths, and linkage to Paleooceanic oxygenation (early Cambrian-late Ordovician) / Ed Landing -- The great American carbonate bank in the northern Appalachians : Cambrian-Ordovician (Sauk), Albany basin, New York / Gerald M. Friedman -- The great American carbonate bank in eastern Canada : an overview / Denis Lavoie, André Desrochers, George Dix, Ian Knight, and Osman Salad Hersi -- Regional stratigraphic, depositional, and diagenetic patterns of the interior of St. Lawrence platform : the lower Ordovician Romaine Formation, western Anticosti Basin, Quebec / André Desrochers, Denis Lavoie, Patricia Brennan-Alpert, and Guoxiang Chi -- The Sauk-Tippecanoe megasequence boundary in an interior structural corridor (Ottawa Embayment) of the great American carbonate bank / George R. Dix -- Biostratigraphic constraints on chronostratigraphic intraformational relationships within the lower-middle Ordovician Beekmantown group, Laurentian margin : eastern Ontario and southwestern Quebec, Canada / Osman Salad Hersi -- Sequence stratigraphy of the Scottish Laurentian margin and recognition of the Sauk megasequence / Robert J. Raine and M. Paul Smith -- Development of the lower Cambrian-middle Ordovician carbonate platform : North Atlantic region / Svend Stouge, William D. Boyce, David A.T. Harper, Jørgen L. Christiansen, and Ian Knight -- The lower Cambrian to lower Ordovician carbonate platform and shelf margin, Canadian Arctic Islands / Keith Dewing and Godfrey Nowlan -- Cambrian-Ordovician sedimentary rocks of Alaska / Julie A. Dumoulin and Anita G. Harris -- Cambrian and lower Ordovician Sauk megasequence of northwestern Canada, northern Rocky Mountains to the Beaufort Sea / Leanne J. Pyle -- Middle Cambrian-middle Ordovician rocks of western Canada, Latitude 49° to the Peace River / B.S. Norford -- Overview of lower Cambrian mixed carbonate-siliciclastic depositon along the western Laurentian passive margin / Michael C. Pope, John Stewart Hollingsworth, and Kelly Dilliard -- Sauk megasequence deposition in northeastern Washington, northern Idaho, and western Montana / John H. Bush, Robert C. Thomas, and Michael C. Pope -- The great American carbonate bank in the miogeocline of western central Utah : tectonic influences on sedimentation / James F. Miller, Kevin R. Evans, and Benjamin F. Dattilo --
505 0 _aGamma-ray cross sections-correlation of Steptoean strata in the eastern Great Basin using outcrop gamma-ray profiles / Kevin R. Evans -- Well study-Sauk III-IV interval in the American quasar 16-21A Horse Heaven-State well, Confusion Range, west-central Utah / Kevin R. Evans, James F. Miller, and Benjamin F. Dattilo -- Sauk megasequence supersequences, southern Great Basin : second-order accommodation events on the southwestern Cordilleran margin platform / Martin Keller, John D. Cooper, and Oliver Lehnert -- The Cambrian-Ordovician rocks of Sonora, Mexico, and southern Arizona, southwestern margin of North America (Laurentia) / William R. Page, Anita G. Harris, and John E. Repetski -- Digital outcrop model of stratigraphy and breccias of the southern Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas / Jerome A. Bellian, Charles Kerans, and John Repetski -- Facies belts, microfacies, and karst features of the Ellenburger Group, Kerr Basin, Texas : observations based on cores / Richard C. Geesaman and James L. Wilson -- The circum-Laurentian carbonate bank, the western Ouachita-Cuyania Basin, and the Prodigal Llanoria Landmass / Patricia Wood Dickerson -- The Argentine precordillera : a little American carbonate bank / Martin Keller -- The Sauk megasequence in the cratonic interior of North America : interplay between a fully developed inner detrital belt and the central great American carbonate bank / Anthony C. Runkel, Robert M. McKay, Clinton A. Cowan, James F. Miller, and John F. Taylor -- The Sauk megasequence from the Reelfoot Rift to southwestern Missouri / James Palmer, Thomas L. Thompson, Cheryl Seeger, James F. Miller, and Jay M. Gregg -- Arbuckle group platform strata in Kansas : a synthesis / Evan K. Franseen and Alan P. Byrnes -- The great American bank in the central Michigan Basin / William B. Harrison III and G. Michael Grammer -- Evaluation of Knox supergroup dolostones as a target for carbon dioxide storage in western Kentucky / Michelle A. Pittenger, Charles T. Feazel, Gover J. Buijs, Ray R. Reid, and Paul W. Johnson -- Ordovician Knox carbonates and sandstones of the eastern midcontinent : potential geologic carbon storage reservoirs and seals / Stephen F. Greb, J. Richard Bowersox, Michael P. Solis, David C. Harris, Ronald A. Riley, John A. Rupp, Mark Kelley, and Neeraj Gupta -- Unconformity, karst, hydrocarbons, minerals, environments, and structures present in the Cambrian-Ordovician Knox group in from south-central Kentucky / Patrick J. Gooding -- Upper Cambrian Gatesburg Formation of central and western Pennsylvania / Christopher D. Laughrey and John A. Harper -- Great American carbonate bank subsurface stratigraphy in the northern Appalachian basin, New York state / Langhorne B. Smith, Jr.
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546 _aText in English.
650 0 _aHydrocarbon reservoirs
_zLaurentia (Continent)
650 0 _aCarbonate reservoirs.
650 0 _aPetroleum
650 0 _aSedimentation and deposition.
650 7 _aCarbonate reservoirs.
650 7 _aHydrocarbon reservoirs.
650 7 _aPetroleum
650 7 _aSedimentation and deposition.
651 7 _aLaurentia (Continent)
700 1 _aDerby, James R.,
700 1 _aFritz, R. D.
_q(Richard D.),
700 1 _aLongacre, Susan Ann,
700 1 _aMorgan, William A.
_q(William Andrew),
700 1 _aSternbach, Charles A.
_q(Charles Alan),
710 2 _aAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists,
_eissuing body.
830 0 _aAAPG memoir ;
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